Welcome to the Red House Irons
We are your one stop body art location. RHI offers tattooing in a variety of styles and serves all your piercing needs. We also consult on topics such as permanent makeup, tattoo cover ups and removal – hey, everyone deserves a second chance. We also keep you updated on regional events, conventions, and all the latest body art trends. Gift certificates are available through our  new online shopping cart!

Red House Irons is located at 333 Main Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts. We are proud to host a talented collection of artists for tattooing and piercing. In addition we offer parlor artwork by staff artists and  a spectrum of body jewelry and curiosities from regional contributors. Our artists, Thomas, Rob and Jackie Marie are happy to answer any questions you have regarding artwork or the shop. 

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Meet Our Staff

Sole Proprietor | Tattooist
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Thomas’s work is influenced by the philosophic values of traditional folk art; it’s social function, utilitarianism, empowerment and the ability to reflect aspects of the collectors individuality. As an artist, Thomas’s work has been developed by his graduate studies (MFA from TUFTS Univ) as well as what he has learned from working with amazing artists over the years.  His work continues to grow and merge into new mediums, with gallery representation (Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA), participation in national conventions and guest artist opportunities.  With a high respect for the trade and the integrity of his art, Thomas is constantly looking to further refine his craft through new opportunities and experiences.